That day I was riding a bicycle.

The sun was rising and I felt thirsty.

Then l found a shop to buy some water to drink.

Near the shop there was a butcher shop.

A man in the shop was walking out.

He looked tall and burly with a knife in his hand,

His eyes were like a torch, unafraid of all dangers.


A snake came out from the grass beside the road,

But the man didn't notice it at all.


The man stepped on the snake.

And the snake was very angry.

It jumped up and wanted to bite that man.

The man was very brave.

He took a knife and quickly killed the snake.

What a wonderful killer, I think.


這篇文字是在下於初中時所寫,當時創作契機為某英語試卷中的作文題目,名為記一件有趣的事,在下突發奇想,想起曾經目睹肉店老闆殺蛇真事,遂出此文。其格調與韻律均別具一格,其中自「The man stepped on the snake.」 到「What a wonderful killer, I think.」 均為初稿原話,由於句子對仗工整而一直為在下所記誦。本文作為英語作文形式在初中時為在下套用四次,有幸批到第四遍本文的在下的英語老師曾做出了如下批閱:「Snake again?」。令在下印象深刻,故今特為記述。

封面來源:溫泉みゆ | 雁@お仕事募集中 #pixiv